Captain Marvel: Fantastic Film or Failed Flop

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As March came closer, so did the premier of the most recent addition to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) franchise, Captain Marvel. Ever since it was announced in October of 2014, Captain Marvel has been something to look forward to for some and something to dread for others. People were quite skeptical about this character because of her very short history. Carol Danvers was first introduced to us as Captain Marvel in 2012 after having a long run throughout comic history going by other names. First appearing as a superhero in January of 1977, Carol Danvers was masquerading around her city under the name of Ms. Marvel. This is how she is known by many avid comic readers and is why many people were upset when she received a Comicbook series under another name. Because of the recent release of the film, the name “Captain Marvel” is often associated with Marvel, although it wasn’t always this way. Captain Marvel was originally a superhero from rival company DC. It was about boy, who once uttering the word, “SHAZAM”, would turn into an older man with super powers. After various legal issues in the ‘60s, DC was forced to change their Captain Marvel to the name “Shazam”.


Captain Marvel started off quite slow, showing Carol Danvers waking up on her home planet of Hala after having a vivid dream of unknows origin. Ever since she was found six years prior, she had been living among a race called the “Kree”. In the timeline of the movie, the Kree are at war with another prominent alien race in the comics. These aliens (The Skrulls) are a race of invaders, silently infiltrating planets with their shapeshifting skills, eventually taking over said planet. While on a mission, Carol ends up in Los Angeles where she is found by another popular marvel character, Nick Fury. Fury and Carol end up gong on a long sleuthing adventure to help Carol get home and to stop the Kree.


As I previously mentioned, Captain Marvel started off quite slow, but picked up quickly once Carol landed on earth. Although Nick Fury and Captain Marvel make a loveable duo, it feels as though Fury overshadows her at times throughout the film. I will admit that there were some impressing action sequences and a bit of playful humour but other than that, it was a very generic Marvel movie with an uninteresting plot. My personal rating would be 6.3/10.