The Creed

Dallas (Darian Boosheri) staring down at Bob's (Brodie Nauss) corpse.

The Outsiders: From Paper to Theatre

March 10, 2014

Adapted from SE Hinton's The Outsiders, the play by Saints' Players, in association with Crofton House School, Little Flower Academy, and St. Patrick'...

Czech Out These Immigrants

Czech Out These Immigrants

January 31, 2014

With the kick-off of Term 2, Grade 10 students began brainstorming for their upcoming Oral History Project. In the Immigration Fair's fourth consecutive...

Kushal K. poses for the camera with The Creed Nutella in hand and the his stache above lip.

Movember at Saints: The Story of the Stache

November 21, 2013

Throughout the month of November, you may have seen a number of gentlemen and maybe even a couple ladies donning their "Movember stache." For those of...

A surprised Matthew Lee smiles awkwardly for the camera.

Swim Away! San Diego Swim Tour!

October 17, 2013

St. George's Senior Swim team went on a trip to San Diego, CA, on the Thanksgiving weekend. The team members built strong friendships and tasted different...

Saints Conference Club Student Leaders

New Club Merges Debate and Model UN

October 1, 2013

  Update: "Saints Conference" is now the new name for the International Relations Club. Saints Conference Club (formerly 'International Relations Club')...