A Month Dedicated to Men’s Health — Movember at Saints

It is easy for students to disregard their mental health after spending nearly an entire year in isolation due to the pandemic — this is why Movember was essential this year. As usual, the school relaxed its facial hair policy to allow everyone the opportunity to grow their mustache in solidarity with men’s health issues. Some fun events included the Movember GradStache Challenge and the MoTalks with Mr. Soril.

The Movember GradStache Challenge was an ongoing event through November where eight grads competed to grow the best mustache. The rest of the student body were tasked with donating to the contestants for a chance of winning donuts for every advisor in their grade. Results for this contest should be coming out soon! 

As for the MoTalks this year, the boys had an excellent opportunity to escape from their daily stress by connecting with others under the guidance of Mr. Soril. In an interview with Mr. Soril, he explained that he was motivated to organize these workshops because he “wanted to offer a safe space for students to share some of the challenges that they’re currently facing and allow them to build connections with one another.”

In these workshops, students got to hear from an alumnus on how to take care of their mental health. Additionally, students answered questions about their own mental health, like “What motivates you to make progress?”. There was also a short time for meditation to allow the students to fully unwind after a stressful day. Overall, the weekly MoTalks with Mr. Soril was a very calming activity for the boys and a way for students to actualize the purpose of Movember: to spread awareness and take care of men’s health. 

When asked to reflect on the mental health of the Saints community as a whole, Mr. Soril stated that “everyone experiences challenges/struggles differently and each person has different ways of coping when they feel stressed or overwhelmed.” On a closing note, Mr. Soril hopes that “if a student is struggling to cope, [they are encouraged] to reach out to their parents, their counselor, their advisor, their HoG, or a teacher they trust so that they can get the support they need.”

These various activities prove that Movember was a success at Saint George’s School and was a relaxing time that eased the school into the holiday season.