Art’s Week 2019 Shown Through Visual Art

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  • Mr Klassen lip syncs's to Baby Shark

  • Former Georgian JJ Adrian (Class of '12) performs his music during assembly

  • Photo shoot station during lunch in the Upper Great Hall

  • Mural created by John Park (Class of '05)

  • Students looking at the ceramics pieces created by Ping Kwon Wong

  • Emre presenting a key note speaker

  • Dance performance by Immigrant Lessons

  • Terry Tells Jokes during his Harker Hall Formal Dinner performance

  • Matthew Poses for the camera during Intramural Pictionary

  • Ray and Tobden performs "All About That Base" during Formal Dinner

  • Performance of "Am I a Man or am I a Muppet" by Game and Daniel

  • Josh performs his original rap piece on stage

  • Rigg Scholar Roddy shows his ceramics skills during lunch in the Lower Great Hall

  • Kyle Duffield presents on his projects on immersive interactive installations around Toronto

  • Mr Moens pits against Mr Ziff during Kyle Duffield bike pump immersive interactive simulation demonstration

  • Nicholas Bowers showcases his street art

  • Grant showcases his portrait of Mr Kern

  • Rigg Scholars Roddy and Matthew goes against a newbie in a ceramics battle during Grad Assembly

  • Mr Hillis lip syncs's to a song that made the crowd clap along to him

  • Rigg Scholar Winston showcases his xylophone abilities during Rigg Assembly

Every person has a different interpretation of art. Some might consider it as a way to stimulate the eyes or ears while others might see it as a means it to spread a message; still others see it as a method of stress release to let off steam while others merely view it as a way to get a good mark in a class. During the week of April 8th to 12th, St. George’s held its annual Arts Week to celebrate all the different forms of art and showcase the talents of teachers, students, and outside artists alike. Throughout the week, a diverse group of presenters visited the school to share with the students just how wide and encompassing the term “art” is.

The week started off with the return of former Georgian JJ Adrian (Class of ’12), who performed songs that he has written on the guitar. He also talked about love and identity and how they have influenced his work. On Tuesday, the dancing group Immigrant Lessons performed a routine while teaching the importance of cultural pluralism through their performance. Wednesday brought in Interactive and Experience Design Professional Kyle Duffield, who demonstrated his projects on immersive interactive installations around Toronto while Thursday featured Nicholas Bowers, who showed the work he had done with Shepard Fairey on street art around different cities. Finally, Arts Week closed off with the Grad Rigg Assembly, where the school’s Riggs Scholars demonstrated why they had been given the honor. There were displays of painting and ceramics and even a lip-sync battle between Rigg Scholars and teachers.  After the lighter assembly, there was a more formal Rigg Assembly for the musical Riggs Scholars. At this assembly, they also announced next year’s Rigg Scholars.

Between the official presentations and guests were smaller presentations and activities during lunchtimes that showcased other forms of art. This included Jordan Maynard’s zero-waste tiny house project and a ceramics demonstration by Ping Kwon Wong. A few Georgians also shared, as John Park (Class of ’05) brought in his mural project while Andrew Talbot (Class of ’09) showed his 2D Pop-up studio.

Making the most of every second of time, Arts Week also extended beyond school hours. Harker Hall had a formal dinner where the boarders’ artistic talents were put on display in front of faculty and staff. There was also the Saints Expo, where Saints students joined with students from other schools to perform their musical talents in the auditorium. During one performance, the fire alarm suddenly started ringing. At first, some thought it was part of the piece. It was only later that they realized it had actually been the fire alarm.

Overall, Arts Week was a success as it gave students the opportunity to see some of the creative and innovative things artists were doing and got them to reconsider their definition of art. The Creed would like to thank the Arts and Culture Leaders, the Arts Department, Mr. Hesketh, and Ms. Leblac for organising this successful Arts Week. The Creed would also like to thank all the students and outside guests who shared their passion and their craft with us during this week. For more showcases of art by our students, check out this year’s OPUS. To see photos of the week, check out the photo showcase above.


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