Staff Profile: Ms. Irina Khamzina


George Zhang

Ms. Irina Khamzina

Since moving from Russia in 1996, many things have changed for Ms. Irina Khamzina. She has switched her career, changing from a librarian (back in Russia she worked for a library in the city of Baikal dedicated to youth and teachers) to a working at Saints Café.  Although she wanted to carry on the same career as a librarian in Canada, her language barrier hindered her from doing so.  What hasn’t changed, however, is her love of work in whatever occupation she finds herself in.

Come to the Great Hall at break time and you will see a long lineup before Saints Café – boys who are eagerly looking for some healthy snack selections. One of the founding members of the Café, Ms. Kamzina enjoys her tenure working at what she considers an “incredible community.” She recalls establishing the cafe back in 2007 when there was simply an empty room previously devoted to a student-run shop selling chips and soda at break. Soon, the staff expanded the menu and it became the bustling eatery that it is today. Ms. Khamzina admits that having two sons of her own really helped her decide on menu items.  As she explains,“You knew what boys like to eat!”

Besides working at the Café, Ms. Khamzina also enjoys her free time. She still loves reading, just as she did back in Russia, and she has taken up yoga, which is almost like “a second job.” Just as any other staff member at the school, Ms. Khamzina has been an integral part of the Saints community and positively impacts the boys’ growth.