Boarders wage basketball war against staff

Prepare for BATTLE of Harker Hall! Stephen Go

VANCOUVER – Every year on December 3rd at seven pm, the boarding students of Harker Hall test their basketball skills against the staff in the junior school gym. An ambitious Mr. Proznick wanting to face-off against the students started this tradition nearly three years ago. Ever since that day, the Battle of Harker Hall has become an integral part of the boarding experience. Despite the students’ best efforts, the staff has managed to secure victory twice but with the support of the dayboys and families, the boarders hope to change their luck and come out on top this year. Not only do the students face off against the staff but they also face off against each other in an inter-house game featuring the four houses, Sweeney, Hunter, Robinson and Maitland in a rare team duel featuring two houses on each side. Not only is there an exciting game planned for the night of December third, but there will also be a surprise half time show that will keep the audience pinned to the edge of their seats. In addition to the action taking place on the court, a live DJ will be in attendance along with a concession and guest commentator.

The boarding community would like to extend a warm invitation to the entire St. George’s community to witness the event, free of charge!! All of us here at Harker Hall can guarantee that everyone in attendance will have a memorable night.