Discovery 10 – blood, sweat and tears

Jeremy Y. monitoring his navigation devices.

On November 7th, 2012, a group of Discovery 10 students embarked on a four-day trip to Lytton, a little town about one and a half hours drive north-east of Chilliwack. While there, the group of students were immersed in native cultures and traditions as well as survival skills.

Discovery 10 is a year-long outdoor education cohort consisting of twenty Grade 10 students. The program aims to challenge boys both physically and mentally, training them to become better, more capable individuals. Over the course of their Grade 10 year, Discovery, or “Disco” students will participate in various outdoor trips such as hiking, kayaking, and back-country skiing throughout the various parks in BC.

On the way to Stein Valley, the boys first stopped at Old Yale where they toured the mining town panned for gold. At Lytton, the students were led by Fred, an elder, and his cousin Reilly. Together, they explored Stein Valley Provincial Park, did rock climbing, and even hung out at a sweat lodge. The sweat lodge was a shelter built by Fred where the boys experienced spiritual change as they discussed a variety of topics on what they appreciated in life. The boys also looked at ancient pictographs at Stein Valley and participated in a Remembrance day Pow-Wow that was full of dancing, singing, and drumming. At the end of the four-day trip the boys became more knowledgeable about native cultures, adept in survival skills, and bonded as a family.

“I was very excited to learn and immerse myself in the culture and heritage of the Lytton First Nations,” claimed Jeremy Yuen, one of the current Discovery 10 students. He, along with many other students, was most excited about smoking the peace pipe.

 “It is one of the best programs at the school,” said Tristan Taylor, a former Disco 10 student. “You really need to take initiative during the program,” he added.

 All in all, the Discovery 10 students were all very enthusiastic about the trip.