Cafeteria Adjusts Lineup System: Pros and Cons?


George Zhang

More choices for the hot lunch program…

VANCOUVER – Besides the cancellation of student agendas and the new staff collaboration time, students at St. George’s return to school this September to find some changes in the hallways – the cafeteria’s new lineup and management system has created quite a buzz in the student population.

Whereas previously students enter McLean Hall and scan their student ID at the serving counter, the new system asks students to lineup outside McLean Hall, scanning their cards as they enter. In addition to the such a management change, students can now enjoy a greater variety of lunch selections – there cafeteria now serves two meal selections every day, instead of the previous single choice.

“We had two considerations,”said Barb Lee, the school’s food services manager. “Having two choices makes the lineup more efficient, so students can have more choices and get their food faster. Also, it’s easier to control the traffic flow by having teachers monitoring at only a single entrance. We are getting great feedback so far.”

While there are the considerations from the food staff, students find from their perspectives things to improve on this particular issue.

“Last year,” observed Grade 12 student Gary Xu, “even though the lineup was also quite long, I could get to food quite quickly. However, after the change, I feel that the lineup takes longer. Also, although there are now two meal selections, the food tends to run out more easily. It would have been better if the cafeteria could replenish the food more often. But overall, I think it’s a positive move how the school considers about improving experience at lunch lineup.”

Whether the change was effective or not, or if there’s anything that could be improved, time will give us a solid answer.