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Tristan Taylor
Tristan Taylor is originally from Toronto, Ontario, but he moved to Vancouver when he was four years old. He currently attends St.Georges and is in his grade eleven year. Tristan has a wide variety of interests including rap battling, beatboxing and acting. Besides having hobbies in entertainment, Tristan one day hopes to become a detective for the Calgary Police Force. Detective work interests Tristan as he has a strong passion for justice. Tristan has an interest in English and especially enjoys his English eleven courses. Outside of school, Tristan pursues entrepreneurial feats by being a middle man in a clothing company. On weekends, Tristan enjoys shooting pool downtown with close friends. Things Tristan wishes to improve on this year are his GPA and his leadership role in the school. Tristan strongly believes that "there's always something else waiting around the corner."  Believing in this helps him never stay down for long.

Tristan Taylor, Staff Writer

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