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Paul Wang
Paul is currently a Grade 10 at St. George's School. Working as the News Editor for The Creed, he is responsible for editing and refurbishing articles related to school news. Paul is enthusiastic about arts, athletics, and music. In school, he participates in sports including triathlon, cross-country, and swimming. A committed athlete, Paul dedicates much of his free time training for competitive swimming. His swimming achievements include medaling at BC Provincials and competing at Age Group Nationals in 2012. At school, Paul's favourite classes are Ceramics, Drawing/Painting, and the sciences. After school, he can often be found in the art room painting his heart out. Always keen to explore new places, Paul loves to travel the world and tour new places. He particularly enjoys traveling in Europe and China. Paul loves Europe for its rich history, and China for its sense of home. To him, nothing beats a good book with a bowl of strawberries and a comfy couch. This is Paul's first year in Journalism and he's excited to start and learn!

Paul Wang, News Editor

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