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Marek Ormerod
Marek Ormerod is a relatively fresh Grade 12 off the streets of Terrace, BC. He's been boarding at Saints since the beginning of Grade 11 and is now heavily involved in the happenings and community at Harkerhall as well as at the Senior School itself. Over the past year, Marek has been spending much of his time with the GSA, Basketball, and Ultimate Frisbee squad and is looking forward to swagging out with the Big Brother program along with Each One, Teach One. Marek is an empathic listener, with a heart of silver, plus; he's kind of stylish even in uniform and is described as being "pretty fly for a white guy." In any case, his passions will now include photo-journalism, and different areas of journalism but hopefully mostly pertaining to environmental initiatives, because a lot of what is happening up north is ticking him off. He's very eager to be a part of this team and is looking forward to working with our lovely aspiring journalists.


Marek Ormerod, Graphics and Design Editor

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