The Creed

Kaiz Bhatia
Kaiz is a grade twelve student at St. George’s School and is currently working as the Co-Editor In Chief for The Creed. Kaiz began his time at Saints in the Senior School in Grade eight and has enjoyed every minute of it. Many of Kaiz's interests lie in the athletic communities in the school. Kaiz has competed on the school's teams for cross-country, ice hockey, rugby, and ultimate frisbee. While playing for the school teams, Kaiz also plays on local club teams for ice hockey and rugby.


Kaiz is enthusiastic toward the arts and culture in the school where he is currently involved with visual art in the studios and in performance art in the theatre. Kaiz also contributed to last year's edition of The Opus as a member of the selections team for the art section.


In the classroom, Kaiz is most enthusiastic towards history and social science’s classes. This is Kaiz’s third year on The Creed and he looks to make his final year the most enjoyable yet.

Kaiz Bhatia, Co-Editor In Chief

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