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Jared Bakonyi
Jared Bakonyi is a grade 11 student at Saint Georges. Applying to the school for his 8th grade year, Jared was thrilled to join the Saints community in which he would later immerse himself. Jared enthusiastically aims to encompass the school's core values to better himself as a fine young man. Quickly finding himself in the crowd of hundreds of other students, Jared has explored new passions including theater, writing, and various student leadership opportunities. He is looking forward to further discovering the person he will become and hopes to positively impact others the way he has been impacted through his years Saint Georges.

Outside of Saints, Jared enjoys spending time with his friends and family. He enjoys pick-up sports, writing, and video games. The 2015-16 school year is Jared's first experience writing for The Creed and he hopes to contribute to the team the best he can.

Jared Bakonyi, News Editor

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