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Hartley Witten
Hartley is currently a Grade Twelve student at Saints, and is very proud to be writing for The Creed this year. A lifer, Hartley has attended St. George's since Grade 1, and has enjoyed every second of it. An avid sportsman, Hartley has played on a variety of school teams during his time at Saints, including soccer, rowing, cross country, and cricket. Outside of school, Hartley enjoys playing ice hockey and baseball. This year, Hartley aspires to be a leading member on the Cross Country and Cricket teams, and hopes that the cricket team will be able to avenge their League Finals loss to Collingwood last season. When not in the sports arena, Hartley enjoys participating in the arts, where he is fond of culinary arts, drawing, painting, and writing of many sorts. In Grade Ten, Hartley had the pleasure of participating in the Discovery 10 Program, which was one if his most memorable experiences at St. George's. Hartley hopes to continue using the outdoor skills he learned in Discovery as a member of the Summit Club Leadership team. Hartley is ecstatic to be a part of The Creed staff this school year, and hopes to leave a strong lasting impact on his school in his final year.

Hartley Witten, Co-Editor in Chief

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