The Creed

Daniel Yan
Daniel is currently a grade 10 student at St. George's School. He joined St. George's in grade 7 and is loving every moment of it. He is an active member of the Saints community participating in Georgian photography and numerous Model UN conferences. Daniel has had the honor of being on the swimming, rowing, track & field team and is currently playing for the JV volleyball team. Furthermore, he is passionate about music, art, drama, and sleeping. Outside of school, you can find Daniel with his camera capturing mouth-watering foods and reflecting upon life, or somewhere in downtown enjoying himself with his friends. This year, Daniel strives to improve his communication skills with teachers and peers and to participate in more interesting clubs, such as the investment club. Daniel is looking forward to an exciting year of writing breaking news reports, movie/book reviews, school life articles, and being a part of The Creed!

Daniel Yan, Staff Writer

Apr 21, 2016
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