The Creed

Zachary Levin
Zachary is currently a grade twelve student at St. George's Senior School. He has pursued a variety of interests such as being on the provincial Schoolreach team and studying photojournalism. Three summers ago, Zachary was thrilled to attend the Cambridge Prep Experience Oxbridge Program in England, where he studied Photojournalism and International Espionage. Zachary is very proud to be a lifer at St. George’s, which means that he has been at Saints since Grade One. Zachary loves baseball and enjoys both playing catch with his friends and watching a Yankees’ game on TV. He also enjoys playing volleyball at school. Ever since he could walk and talk, music (in particular the violin) has been an essential part of Zachary’s character. At school, Zachary is involved with the Jazz Band and the Senior Concert Band, playing saxophone and clarinet. He particularly enjoyed playing in last year’s pit orchestra for the amazing production of Paint Your Wagon. In addition to music, Zachary cherishes outdoor education and considers being part of the Discovery 10 Program as one of his fondest and most incredible experiences at the school. In his spare time, Zachary likes a challenging puzzle such as a Rubik's cube. Zachary looks forward to writing about an array of topics related to St. George’s School.

Zachary Levin, Editor in Chief

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