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Winston Chow

Winston Chow, Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Winston Chow, I am thirteen years old, and I am in Grade 8 at St. George's Senior School. I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC and have 2 older sisters. I live in the South Granville area with my family. I am dedicated to pushing for more equality in our world. For me, that means being a social justice and anti-racism activist as well as creating my own website,, to help educate and convince others to also become anti-racism advocates. Currently, I am pushing the federal government to make Emancipation Day a federal holiday. Emancipation Day recognizes not only when slavery was abolished in Canada and other British colonies, on Aug. 1, 1834, but also Black and Indigenous people’s long struggle against racism and discrimination that continues today. Over the past few months, I have been working with Vancouver City Councillor Jean Swanson and Member of Parliament Jenny Kwan to pass an Emancipation Day motion to call on our government leaders to make this a holiday ( and make an official petition for the House of Commons. Sign the petition and support me here:

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