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Max Gupta

Max Gupta, Guest Writer

Max Gupta is currently a Grade 10 student at Saints. Max has a myriad of passions and interests including tennis, which he plays at a high level, writing, human rights, food security, and modern physics.

Max is an active member in the Saint George's community, having been a part of it for 8 years since Grade 2. During lunch hours and outside of school, he works with the Georgian Yearbook team, the Opus, and Amnesty International.

In his spare time when he is not in school or on the tennis court, Max enjoys composing satirical and creative literary works as well as heading non-profit organizations dedicated to alleviating food insecurity and enabling all kids to participate in sport.

In addition, he is a passionate human rights advocate involved in Amnesty International and several human rights committees at school and has helped organized several awareness-raising campaigns on infringements of human rights.

Max is a hard-working and driven. Whether it be in school, on the tennis court, or whilst writing a poem, Max never settles for mediocrity and always pushes himself to do his best.

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