The Creed

Liam Solomon

Liam Solomon, Writer

Liam Solomon is a lifer at St. George’s. He has thoroughly enjoyed his first ten years at St. George’s and looks forward to diving into his 11th year. Liam has participated in many athletic activities but soccer has given him his the most memorable moments. Although he has thoroughly enjoyed his time doing athletics, he has found his stride participating in GPACS, MUN, and Saints Players. Liam’s main writing interests include sports, politics, and Tele-Vision. He follows soccer worldwide and is an avid supporter of Arsenal F.C in England. His main political interests deal with his fascination of American politics. His favourite show is Narcos and he looks forward to writing about the show. Liam also enjoys the study of Geography. He can name each country's flag in the world and is very knowledgeable in other aspects of geography. He has traveled all over the world, having visited England and Scotland in the summer. He is looking forward to a successful school year.

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