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Keegan Matheson

Keegan Matheson, Sports Writer


Keegan is a Grade 10 student attending St. George’s school. He traveled the world at a young age living in Santiago, Chile for 3 years and London, England for 2. Keegan is a passionate writer and enjoys sharing stories about his journeys around the globe. With his feet on Canadian soil for over 9 years now, Keegan has become a North American sports enthusiast and loves watching, playing, and reading about his favorite sports. Keegan enjoys all sports including hockey, rugby, and basketball ; at St.George’s he is devoted to playing and observing each game with affection.  Staying heavily involved in the St.George’s and Vancouver communities Keegan is always there to keep you updated on current events and freshen up your day with a thought provoking story. Whether you are a sports junkie trying to get your fix, or just someone who likes to catch an engaging article, Keegan is your source.

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