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Jose Gallardo

Jose Gallardo, Staff Writer

Jose Gallardo is a senior at St. George's School. Originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador Jose lives in the Harker Hall residences as a boarder at Saints. Jose enjoys travelling and has visited most major cities in the East Coast of the United States but there's still some he wants to cross off his list! He's very passionate about current affairs and politics and is always trying to learn the latest news around the globe.

He likes to have long discussions and sharing his opinions with others as well as listening to what other people have to say. He believes it is very important to take into consideration what other people have to say! He misses his friends and family he left back home in pursuit of life experiences that will shape him as an adult but is always accessible to them via Twitter or Skype. Having lived in a 20+ degree weather all his life -I know!- he is a bit worried about the Canadian Winter all be like but at the end of the day life is all about new experiences!

He is very excited about taking on Journalism and knows that with effort 2013-2014 will be great year for The Creed!

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