The Creed

Horatio Chiang

Horatio Chiang, Staff Writer

Horatio Chiang is the real life Han Han, eleventh grader at St. George's School. Han is new to St. George's and feels fortunate and privileged to be involved in the Journalism course and its corresponding agency The Creed. The pseudonym Han chose demonstrates his interests in history. Horatio is the first name of the British Royal Navy commander Lord Nelson, who famously defeated the mighty French fleet at Battle of Trafalgar during the Napoleonic War. Chiang  derives from the surname of the Chinese revolutionary who led the eventual Chinese victory during the Sino Japanese War. Aside from his interests in history, Han is also a devoted basketball player; he played three seasons for West Vancouver Secondary School and is looking to extend his high school career with the St. George's Saints. Ultimately, Han is excited for the upcoming year and hopes to serve the readers with his journalistic contributions.

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