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David Yang

David Yang, Student Life Editor

David is a Grade 10 student at St. George's School. Though originally born in Shanghai, he moved to Canada at the age of five. As a 10th grader in his first year in Journalism, he is immensely excited upon undertaking journalism opportunities. Writing is one of David's favorite activities as he especially enjoys literature and composition. He has a wide range of interests including biochemistry, social sciences, and linguistics. Outside of the classrooms, David enjoys basketball, tennis, and ultimate. During his free time, he takes delight in traveling and crab fishing. David is a licensed crab fisher who has recently reached a career high of twenty four crabs last month.

This academic year, David desires to plunge headfirst into the school community, hoping to obtain more proactive roles and to get involved in the school. David's primary goal as a writer for The Creed is to provide readers with accurate and credible information for them to truly appreciate St. George's School!

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Summer Dress Code

Summer Dress Code

May 13, 2014
Ms. Sarah Coates Social Studies 10 class listens attentively to the opposition (Kenneth Huang)s address to the House of Commons.

Mr. Speaker!!

October 30, 2013
Mr. Bilykh petrified as the murderer (Mr. Sayers) delivers his final blow as shown in the Prefect Video.


October 1, 2013
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