The Creed

2017-2018 Staff

Samuel Chen

Staff Writer

Samuel is a grade 11 at St. Georges. Since joining the Saints community in grade 3, Samuel has immersed himself in all that St. Georges has to offer from playing multiple sports to joining a wide variety of clubs. He is a food...

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David Guo

Junior Photographer

David Guo is a Grade 10 at St. George’s School. Guo joined the school in Grade 9, and has since developed an interest in the Liberal Arts. He is the current Head of Photography of the Georgian Yearbook. In his first year with The C...

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Ryan Sangha

Senior Photographer/Videographer

Ryan Sangha has been at St. George’s School since grade 6. This year Ryan will be graduating. Since grade 6 Ryan has continued to participate in soccer, rugby, track and field. Ryan’s best memories at St. George’s is traveling...

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Max Rolfe

Staff Writer

Max Rolfe is a grade 10 student at St. George's School. A member of the St. George's Community since grade 5, Max has spent lots of time in both schools. He has spent his spare time in and out of the art room and visiting the...

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Louis Sujir

The Sports Writer

Louis Sujir is a grade 12 student at St. George's School. He has been a student at St. George's for 12 years. He is a member of the Varsity Basketball team, 2nd XI Soccer team, Varsity Ultimate team, and Varsity Hockey team. Louis...

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Jaden Bains

Section Head, Arts & Entertainment

Jaden Bains has gone to Saints for 12 years. His interests in the school include Student Government, Saints Conference, and writing for the Creed. His goal is to write meaningful, honest content on school issues and student lives....

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Tony Li

Staff Writer

Tony is a Grade 10 student who joined the Saints family in Grade 8. As a student-athlete with an immense passion for the game of golf, Tony can often be found on the links, as he perfects his game and prepares for upcoming tournaments....

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Christopher Ma

Section Head, Residential Life

Christopher is currently a Grade 11 student from Hong Kong who came to Canada as a boarder in Grade 9. In his spare time, Chris enjoys reading, taking photos, and curling. Since coming to Saints, he has also found a passion for...

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Jay Luo

Section Head, News

Jay Luo began his journey at Saints back in Grade 6, when he was still a fledgling writer that was just starting to understand rudimentary narratives and essays. Now in Grade 10, Jay is actively involved in the Concert and Jazz...

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Samir Dattani

Section Head, Student Life

Samir is a student at St. George's School in Vancouver, BC. He has been at the school since grade 1 and is excited to begin his journey as a writer for The Creed. You would most likely see him throwing a football at lunch or throwing...

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Aden Gill

Staff Writer

Aden has been attending St. George's since Grade 1 and is now in Grade 10. He has always been involved in an array of sports, currently having Ultimate Frisbee and Soccer as his main sports. Along with sports, he is also active...

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Liam Solomon


Liam Solomon is a lifer at St. George’s. He has thoroughly enjoyed his first ten years at St. George’s and looks forward to diving into his 11th year. Liam has participated in many athletic activities but soccer has given...

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Ben Steiner

Section Head, Sports

Ben is a Grade 11 student at St George’s School. Ben started at St. George’s in the seventh grade after spending his elementary years at WPGA. Ben’s interests are mainly in athletics, having taken part in many different...

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Noah Strang


Noah Strang is currently a grade 12 student at St. George’s School. Noah joined the school in his grade 6 year, and has been a participating student of the community ever since. He especially enjoys athletics, as he has played...

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