The Creed

2018-2019 Staff

Ben Steiner

Section Head, Sports

Currently in his senior year at St. George’s school in Vancouver, Ben began at The Creed in 2017.  His main interests include athletics and writing, two passions which come together as displayed on the site as well a...

Christopher Ma

Head of Media

Christopher is currently a Grade 12 student from Hong Kong who came to Canada as a boarder in Grade 9. In his spare time, Chris enjoys reading, taking photo's with his Canon 800D, watching anime and curling. Since coming to Saints,...

Jason Guo

Staff Writer

Jason Guo is a grade ten at St.Georges school. He enjoys reading the news and is truly passionate about journalism. At school, he is a debate leader and a MUN participant. Outside of school he enjoys helping and engaging the community,...

Jerry Xu

Staff Writer

Hayden Jackson

Staff Writer

Hayden is a student at St. George's School in Vancouver, BC. He has been at the school since grade 8 and is enthusiastic about beginning his career as a writer for the creed. At lunch you will most likely find him talking with...

Tom Xu

Staff Writer

Tom is a grade 10 student at St. George’s School. SInce joining the Saints community, Tom has actively participated in a wide range of school activities and clubs. Tom is addicted to bubble tea and has many tips on the best...

Matthew Chen

Staff Writer

Matthew is currently a Grade 10 student at St George's School and has been a member of the Saints Community since Grade 7.  Since then,  Matthew has been involved in activities such as Model United Nations, Library Monitors,...

Derek Wu

Staff Writer

Derek is a lifer, and currently a Grade 10 student at St. George's. Passionate about history and Canadian politics, Derek spends arguably too much time watching and reading the news from around the world. At school, he is involved...

Kilian Fung

Staff Writer

Kilian is currently a Grade 11 student. Since stumbling onto the steps of St. Georges in Grade 10, he is devoted to finding his passion within the many subjects and activities within St. Georges. He enjoys reading fiction, creative...

Brian Kim

Staff Writer

Brian Kim is a grade 10 student at St. Georges. He has been at St. Georges for four years now and has many interests. Which include, history, reading, business and watching movies. Brian’s goals are to write intriguing articles...