2nd XI Opens At Home Against Jules-Verne

2nd XI soccer team raising ISA cup.

Sam Johnston

2nd XI soccer team raising ISA cup.

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On September 19 the St. George’s 2nd XI soccer team faced Jules-Verne. The weather conditions were excellent for the match. Jules-Verne were able to have a strong start, scoring two goals in the opening ten minutes. However, St. Georges came back to tie it 2-2 just before the end of the first half. Jules-Verne were able to pull through in the end with the final score of 4-3. Following the match, 12th grade student Noah Strang said “It was a good game, saints fought hard and hopefully we will do better next time.” The match was very important to the 2nd XI because they were undefeated at ISA’s and hoped to keep the momentum heading into the season. 

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