A slam dunk to start the season!

The St. George’s Varsity Basketball Team.

Basketball has always been one of the most attended sports at St. George’s, and Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 was no exception. The St. George’s Varsity team’s season home opener was filled with suspenseful plays and exciting moments.

The stands were filled with students from all grades of the Senior School, as well as families of the players. The numerous St. George’s senior students matched the excitement of the players on the court. An avid supporter of the team, senior Otis Goldman, said, “the game was nothing short of electrifying, it was just as if I were watching a real NBA game with moments like Tylon Barker’s dunk.”

The Saints showed up to play, finishing the first half leading with a 30 point spread. It seemed that the game would be nothing but a blow out, but the boys kept playing their hearts out. All of the varsity team members had a chance to showcase their individual talents during the game – it was clear that the Abbotsford players were skilled, but not skilled enough.

Highlights of the game included a dunk from starting small forward Tylon Barker, as well as 8 three pointers from starting point guard Deklan Chung.

The St. George’s Saints finished the home opening game with a score of 89-58, a good sign for the coming season.