1st XI season ends with heartbreak

On October 22, 2012 the St. George’s Saints met the Vancouver College Fighting Irish for the last time, and ultimately the last game of the season.

Prior to the final game, the team had come back from a great learning experience at the CAIS tournament in Ontario. There, they ended with 4 wins and 1 loss in the semi finals against Ridley College. Ridley College is one of the top rivals that the Saints 1st XI team often faces at the annual CAIS tournament.

Last week on Wednesday, October 17th the Saints faced the Fighting Irish back on home turf in a two-game back to back series that would decide who would move onto the lower mainland finals, and finally the Provincials. “We thought we had it in the bag, we just let up in the middle of the game which ended up hurting us,” said Theo Sauder. The Fighting Irish scored in the 2nd half making the score 1-0, causing the Saints to refocus. Marc Levin had the comeback goal in the last 10 minutes, tying and ending the game.

The Saints were disappointed and regretful for their performance in the first game. They were determined to come back and win at the next game the following week at Vancouver College. For if they lost, it would mean the end of their season.

On Monday, October 22, the Saints showed up to Vancouver College with the right mindset and attitude ready to play. The Fighting Irish scored early on in the 1st half with a magnificent goal.  After a hard fought match the game ended 1-0. “We knew it was going to be a tough game, but it came down to one incredibly placed shot that I believe no goalie at any level of soccer could have saved. With only two losses in the season, both ending 1-0 it was truly frustrating,” said coach and principal, Mr. Shawn Lawrence. Although saddened, Mr. Lawrence went on to add that he recognizes that the majority of the team is young with lots of potential, which will bode well for the coming years.