The Saints show up to play


VANCOUVER -Monday, October 1, 2012, marked the second of the series of important games against the infamous Vancouver College Fighting Irish for the St. George’s 1st XI Varsity soccer team.

“Going into the game we all knew that VC was a skilled team, making the desire to win and play hard the determining factor,” said Julian Ergas, the starting right midfielder for the Saints.  In the previous game, the Irish had several opportunities to comeback and capitalize, but luckily they weren’t successful.  “We went into this game well aware that we shouldn’t underestimate our opponents,” Ergas explained.

With numerous players coming back from injuries, as well as several new injuries that kept some Saints on the bench, the game was especially challenging.

“Throughout the game we were exposed to many chances in front of the net but we just couldn’t finish,” said Ergas. The Saints had to dismiss their frustration and had to be resilient, which also happens to be one of the School’s six core values. In fact it wasn’t until well into the second half when Chase Player, one of the team’s young stars, scored two back-to-back goals, raising the team’s morale. Player also happens to be one of the many members returning from injury. With numerous opportunities for both sides, the Saints seemed to keep it together on the defensive side of the game, ending with a shutout.

“With a solid strong squad for the major CAIS tournament in the coming weeks, we need to work on doing the little things right but most importantly finishing opportunities on the net” said Ergas. At the CAIS tournament, the Saints will be sized up against strong teams like St. Andrews School and Upper Canada College, both of which have won several CAIS championships.