“Overgrown” Album Review


Overgrown Album Cover

Since releasing his first self-titled debut album in 2011, James Blake is back and ready to show the world what he has been working on. James Blake has always been known as an artist who delves into all sorts of genres–electronic, downtempo and minimalist. Keeping in line with tradition, Blake’s versatility requires the listener to approach his second album, Overgrown, with an open mind.

With the controversy surrounding Blake and his record labels (he released most of the tracks from his unreleased album far before its release date), it was up in the air whether or not the album would be a success. In my opinion, Blake’s creation of controversy proved to be a strategy that only attracted potential fans.

Overgrown has numerous tracks that are instantly catchy and stuck in your head like “Digital Lion”, “Life Round Here”, and my personal favourite track on the album, “Retrograde.” For a listener that is more in tune with his adventurous side, tracks like “I Am Sold”, “Voyeur”, and “Take a Fall For Me”–featuring veteran member from former rap group Wu-Tang Clan, RZA–will hit home. Finally, for the listener looking for simpler and softer tunes that work seamlessly with Blake’s vocals tracks, check out “Overgrown”, “Dlm”, “Our Love Comes Back”, and “To the Last.”

Overall, the album has a dark and deep tone to it, but after listening to each track closely I am sure you too will be attached to Overgrown. James Blake’s second album reaches if not exceeds expectations. Only time will tell whether Blake has brought sounds that everyone will enjoy. In my opinion James Blake’s Overgrown brings wonderful new sounds to the music world, but sounds nonetheless that the world may not be ready for just yet.

Overgrown Tracklist:
01. Overgrown
02. I Am Sold
03. Life Around Here
04. Take A Fall For Me
05. Retrograde
06. DLM
07. Digital Lion
08. Voyeur
09. To The last
10. Our Love Comes Back