Each One Teach One’s last visit

This Tuesday will mark the end to the 2012-2013 Each One Teach One program. Over the year, selected students have been hosting and visiting their “buddies” at  the schools Alderwood and Windemere. Each One Teach One is a mentorship and experiential program that first began at St. Georges in 2001.  Ever since then, students in grade eleven and twelve have been eagerly signing up with hopes of being selected to participate in the program.

Throughout the year, the selected mentors have been visiting and interacting with the students of the schools through various outings and activities. Personally, I have built a strong connection with my buddy, Holly. It is such a great reward to volunteer.  It is an amazing feeling when you can physically see the development of a person whom you have so directly impacted with something as simple as spending time with them.

It is my greatest wish that these kids  keep up with the things they have learned this year. All of the mentors have enjoyed their time spent this year so much, and it goes without saying that our buddies lives and development will be in our thoughts as we progress in life.