Sports Day 2013

Grade 9 students enjoy ultimate frisbee during a sunny Sports Day 2013

On Tuesday, May 7, 2013, the grades 8s and 9s participated in St. George’s annual Sports Day.  Sports Day is a day filled with sportsmanship and outstanding school spirit, and this year it just happened to be on a beautiful sunny day.

The athletic-inspired event included competitions done in the past like the tug-o-war, water fight, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball. As well, there were numerous new changes and additions to this year’s Sports Day.

One of the main changes including the addition of grade 12 team captains for each of the grade 8 and 9 teams. The grade 12s were introduced to allow the day to run much smoother, by helping the participants get from event to event.  It also gave grade 12s the chance to hone their leadership skills and connect with the future generation of the school.  This Sports Day was special in particular because it included a spirit cheer component, an event that was weighted heavily in the team point totals.

Overall, Sports Day was a huge success that couldn’t have been accomplished without the facilitation of Mrs. Dill, Mr. Huber, and Mr. Taylor. The winners of Sports Day included team Holland winning the overall grade 8 title, and team Argentina winning the grade 9 title!