A Sunday to remember

Lest we forget. November 11th 2012.

VANCOUVER – The St. George’s community spent their November 11th morning, this year on a Sunday, to honour and reminiscence those twenty-four Old Boys and three Masters who died in the Second World War.

The crowd gathered at exactly 10:30 in the Dixon Gym, and the audience immediately fell silent as the occasion began. The Service included prayers and readers, as well as traditional hymns such as For All the Saints, and Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah. 

George Wen, who led the commitment speech, urged the global community to foster peace.  After the ceremony, he remarked, “The Remembrance Day Ceremony is one of the biggest events of the year that brings the entire St. George’s community together. I feel strongly about this service and remembering the fallen soldiers of war, and I was especially honored to be chosen to lead the commitment pledge.”

Directly following the service, Georgians gathered in the Upper Grad Lounge for their Annual General Meeting, while the rest of the community had a delicious reception in McLean Hall.

This day is part of the St. George’s tradition, a tradition to remember. To hold respect and remain faithful to the tradition, the memorial is always held on November 11th, even if the day falls on a Saturday or Sunday. As Dr. Matthews put it, “Here at St. George’s, our traditions anchor us, and provide us with a sense of stability and continuity.”

“[Remembrance Day] highlights the fact that we have a rich heritage and that it is our traditions that bind us together as a community, past, present and future. In short, it is something to be treasured,” continued Dr. Matthews.

This was a Sunday to remember, and for the many members of the St. George’s community, it marked a truly meaningful and solemn occasion.