Prices soar at Saint’s Cafe


George Zhang

A student waits at the front of the Saint’s Cafe

With the start of the new school year students felt the impact of the dramatic changes in the prices at Saint’s Café. Along with the agenda no longer being issued and the change of locker assignments this is one the major topics amongst students as they ease into the school year. What are they buzzing about? The fact that prices of some items at Saint’s Café have been raised a whopping 25 percent!

Some merchandise such as cans of pop and breakfast wraps cost 50 cents more this year. The Saint’s Café is the only vendor of food and beverage at St. George’s Senior School. It is run by the company Sodexo. The price raise is due to market prices, growing expenses in importing, and also the current economy, claimed a Sodexo representative. The price change occurred this year because of increases in transport rates and import costs. In general, with the growing cost of operating in this economy, prices at Saint’s Café can only go higher and higher.

Many students who frequented Saint’s Café last year claimed that the price increase this year made many of them reluctant. One grade 10 student who used to go to Saint’s Café everyday said, “Things have gotten way too expensive; but I still only go there every week or so now.”

Despite the inconvenient changes, the students are starting to get used to it. Once again, the lines of the café become crowded again with students eager for food and drinks.