The Creed

Co Ed Sports At Saints

Ryan Sangha

June 4, 2018

At St. George’s, co ed sports are becoming increasingly popular. These sports include: tennis, ultimate, gold, water polo and swimming. Some people say that it is very strange to have co ed sports at an all male school; however, many of the students seem to enjoy them and are becoming more popular every year.   One of the most popular co ed teams in St. George’s is the Ult...

Grads Eatin’ Well

Louis Sujir and Ryan Sangha

April 20, 2018

The Cafe’s famous Strawberry Smoothie.

Saints Cafe: Are the prices worth it?

February 28, 2018

The Cafe at St. George’s School has played a major role on feeding the students during school. The cafe is a safe place where students can purchase war...

Jacob Pallai working hard on the patio of the grad lounge.

Step Into The Shoes of St. George’s Grads

November 3, 2017

Two weeks ago Noah and Ryan took photos of the 2017 grad class. The photos are primarily taken in the grad lounge and Learning Commons. The purpose ...

iPhone 6s vs Samsung s6

Ryan Sangha, Writer

October 19, 2017

Considering how much people use their phone a day, companies are constantly improving their products to meet people’s expectations. I personally have both the Samsung s6 and iPhone 6s. I switched from my Samsung s6 to iPhone 6s in the last couple weeks because the iPhone is much more popular. In a recent poll 6 people voted for Apple as their favourite brand and 2 people vo...

2nd XI Opens At Home Against Jules-Verne

September 27, 2017

On September 19 the St. George’s 2nd XI soccer team faced Jules-Verne. The weather conditions were excellent for the match. Jules-Verne were able to...