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School Store

The School Store- A Complex View

May 31, 2018

            At St. George’s School, many consider the school store to be an issue for many r...

Poetry In Voice: Hamish Wins It all

Poetry In Voice: Hamish Wins It all

May 7, 2018

From April 17-20 Hamish Marissen-Clark competed in the National Poetry In Voice Competition in Toronto. He went through a rigorous qualifying process j...

We Need Spring Break

March 14, 2018

Spring Break is around the corner and with only a couple days left, students and teachers are getting tired. How tired? Well The Creed decided to ask students...

Photo Creds: American Psychological association

Stress at St. George’s

February 22, 2018

As we move towards a more democratic and socially righteous society, people such as myself may think stress would decrease throughout the world. Sadly tha...

Grade 11 Social Cancellation

Liam Solomon, Staff Writer

January 11, 2018

On December 5th, a Grade 11 social was supposed to occur at St. George's School. The social was abruptly cancelled a day before. The Creed went searching for answers about the cancellation of the social and the student bodies view of the social. The Creed uncovered that the social seemed to be planned well but seemingly fell apart due to a lack of cooperation between the othe...

VPN's at St. George's

VPN’s at St. George’s

November 14, 2017

At St. George's School there are three different types of websites. Websites that are available for usage at all times, websites that are available for...

Mr. Fredeman, standing in for the role of Seth, and Cassidy Reichman, playing the role of Tracy, have a conversation on stage.

The Philadelphia Story

October 26, 2017

  The Saints Players production of The Philadelphia Story is opening November 1st. The cast and crew depicted in the photos have been working ti...

Darcy Aubin poses next to Totem Pole

Aboriginal Curriculum in B.C High Schools

October 11, 2017

A new phenomenon racing across B.C high schools is the addition of First Peoples History and Culture based curriculum. In 2015, it was announced that Aboriginal...

Both the First and Second XI celebrate together after the First XI’s championship win.

Saints Domination in Victoria

September 21, 2017

Victoria, September 15/16- Both the St. George's First and Second XI soccer teams took part in the annual ISABC Tournaments, held at St. Michael’s Univers...