The Creed

Sharply dressed, a few of the boys line up to take a picture.

Once Upon A Time – Saints PreGrad

June 3, 2014

Every year, the Grade 11 Class holds a Pre-Graduation Event to celebrate the successes of the year and to get a feel of what the next year's Grad Event...

Leo Spins Poetry into Gold at Poetry in Voice Nationals

May 22, 2014

Every year, up to 35,000 students from 370 schools across Canada compete in the annual Poetry in Voice Contest. The aim of this competition is to promote...

Tristan Taylor gives his best impression of a feral beast at the Canadian Improv Games.

The Saints Improv Team

April 14, 2014

Just this past Arts Week, the Improv Team performed for the school during Monday's lunch hour in the Great Hall and at Friday's school assembly.  The...

Poetry in Voice – Keith Chow

March 3, 2014

Keith Chow, Grade 11, recites "Love Armed" by Aphra Behn for his class competition of Poetry in Voice. Keith Chow can deliver and he does here.

Kushal K. poses for the camera with The Creed Nutella in hand and the his stache above lip.

Movember at Saints: The Story of the Stache

November 21, 2013

Throughout the month of November, you may have seen a number of gentlemen and maybe even a couple ladies donning their "Movember stache." For those of...

The Orb of Silk

Aidan Chan, Staff Writer

October 24, 2013

Perfecting the masterpiece that was my own, In the center of it all I ruled on my throne. Of the world beyond I did not know, Outside of these boundaries I dared not go. Morning light came, and the sun arose. Jewels of dew drop dangling off of my toes. I waited for movement, vibrations to show, That a feast would be tangled, beginning to slow. Gorging upon my prey there was compa...

Final Destination

Aidan Chan, Staff Writer

October 24, 2013

I’ve been searching for so long, and I’m tired of waiting. The desire is still strong, although I’ve been aging. So many years without any success; this was an issue I had to address. I was looking for a piece of history, never uncovered by man. I pondered and pondered, came up with a plan. I took off the next day, leaving my past in a blur. My body was...

We Day Vancouver 2013

October 24, 2013

On Friday October 18th, thousands of students, teachers, and charity organizations alike gathered at Rogers Arena to attend We Day Vancouver. We Day is ...

Bard on the Beach hosts to Grade 11 classes

Bard on the Beach hosts to Grade 11 classes

September 20, 2013

On the warm and sunny afternoon of Sept. 10th, the Grade 11 English classes travelled to Vanier Park and watched a production of Hamlet at Bard on ...