Three plays, Two days, One Act

This Thursday and Friday, the St. George’s theatre department will be hosting the one act festival. This annual event consists of plays put on by the grade ten and twelve acting classes, as well as plays put on by teachers, and this year we will even have a student-directed play from Crofton House.

The plays put on will be: Rex, a post-apocalyptic play put on by the grade tens, and Twelve Angry Men, a court room classic with the acting prowess of the grade twelves. Other plays put on extra-curricularily are Mere Mortals, which is a three person cast consisting of Marc Levin, Alistair Pitts and yours truly.  The student-directed play is called Porcelain and Pink and features Mr. Pat Palmer’s daughter, Taylor Palmer, as the lead.

One act plays are perfect for everyone, even those with short attention spans. The majority of these plays are well under thirty minutes. So come on out and support the theatre department and all the acting classes’ hard work. Admission is only two dollars minimum donation and the doors open at seven pm. It is sure to be a wonderful two days, so try your best to come out. We can’t wait to see you there!