Arts week coming soon


Tristan Taylor

The art department as well as many students eagerly await the beginning of arts week.

One of the most anticipated heraldings of spring is fast approaching. That’s right!  It’s almost arts week!  For those who aren’t familiar with what arts week is all about, this is what you need to know. Arts week this year will run from April 15-19. Throughout this week there will be an assembly every day with various presenters speaking about many interesting topics. Some days there will be musical performances to kick start the day. At lunch each day there will be multiple performances, workshops and fun participation activities happening for student and teacher enjoyment.

Some gems that will happen again this year will be the longstanding contemporary music night. This event will be happening the night of April 18th. This is a night filled with student performances in all breaths of music.  Other classic events will be the staff and student open mic day in which anybody in the school may go on stage and perform whatever talents they may possess.

Some new events to look out for are the sock puppet theatre as well as a karaoke lounge, both set up in the great hall. These two events will be happening Monday at lunch. Both are bold new ideas set forth by the art department and mainly Ms. Pavlovich. The St. George’s performance club will also be heading some fun endeavors yet to be announced. To sign up for any workshop students need to go to the art board right outside the art room and sign up for their desired activity. Sign up quickly as most activities will fill up.

The arts play such a big role in our school community and arts week is a time to flaunt all the creative energy this school possesses. Even though some individuals may be hesitant to participate there is a variety of workshops and fun activities available to spark anyone’s creative juices.