An Exposure to The Arts


The cast of “The Adventures of a Comic Book Artist” poses for their final performance

Creativity comes in many forms and is pursued by students for different reasons. One of the reasons why St. George’s is a truly exceptional school is how students are given the chance for early exposure in a certain creative art known as Drama. Acting, theater and the performing arts are all common names for the course, and at Saints, a student as young as grade four can be involved in an almost professional production.  This early exposure is quite a unique opportunity as St. George’s theater department is unrivaled in its professionalism for the art. Theater skills build confidence in oneself, be it speaking and performing in front of others or simply interacting with a cast of your peers.

In February, the Junior School produced “The Adventures of a Comic Book Artist” featuring a cast of very eager and very talented budding actors, ranging from grade four to grade seven. Each cast member sung, danced and was given the chance to see what it’s like performing on a lit stage in front of others. Upon arriving at the theatre hours before they were set to perform their matinee, it was obvious to see that the energy in these kids was about to burst on stage. The show was a musical with a handful of large numbers as well as solo songs. Be they the protagonists or antagonists, it was evident that these kids were having the times of their lives performing on the stage in front of a packed house.

The lead actor, William Stothers, said, “It’s great being able to perform in plays like this; I have been in Saints plays since grade four.”  When asked if he would be pursuing the art in high school he eagerly said, “I can’t wait to be in a senior school production.”  William’s eagerness is only a compliment to the Saints Players Co as a whole.

Saints players Co, like any other major program in this school, is crucial to keeping St. George’s a well rounded community. Just like the various sports teams and clubs, theater will forever create a sort of character, producing a person that leaves more of a team player and a more confident person than when they came in. And for that to happen in a school setting is priceless. Good luck to all students, junior and senior, perusing the performing arts.  St. George’s definitely provides the environment to become the best actor you can be.