The blissful sound of the St. George’s band program

It is going to be a fun ride!

It is going to be a fun ride!

George Zhang and Roland Huang

Whether it is the sweet sounds of jazz or the distinguished harmony of famous concert band pieces, the St. George’s bands bring music to life. There are five main ensembles at St. George’s: the Gr.8 Concert Band, Gr.9 Concert Band, Senior Concert Band, Junior Jazz Band, and the Senior Jazz Band. On December the 11th the band program will be hosting their first concert of the year, the Sleigh Ride Concert.

The Senior Concert Band is a talented ensemble of 125 students from grade 10 to 12 jointly conducted by Mr. Marko Rnic and Dr. Dean Markel. The band consists of a wide range of instruments from piccolo to tuba and everything in between. In the past the Senior Concert Band has achieved several distinguished standings at the Kiwanis Music Festival, National Music Festival and the Central Washington State Band Festival. The boys in the Senior Concert Band rehearse at least three and a half hours a week resulting in a refined and professional sounding ensemble.

Mr. Rnic, the Senior Concert Band conductor comments, “one remarkable thing about the Senior Concert Band this year is that it plays very high level music and involves a lot of people doing it. We are one of the last bands left in North America with such a big number of players,” he added.

The Senior Jazz Band is an ensemble made up of 18 accomplished musicians from grade 10 to 12 under the direction of Mr. Rob Murray. The Senior Jazz Band’s repertoire includes soulful swings and upbeat funk. In order to maintain a tight-knit ensemble the Senior Jazz Band members meet every Tuesday and Thursday mornings for an hour long practice. In addition to morning practices the Senior Jazz Band members also host rehearsals with their respective sections. With exquisite solos and beautiful harmonics, the Senior Jazz Band brings aged classics back to life.

Zach Levin, a spectacular grade 10 saxophone player in the Senior Jazz Band says, “everyone seems to really enjoy the pieces, I know I do, and I think we have a lot of fun with Mr. Murray. I definitely encourage people to come out and listen to us sometime in the year!”

The St. George’s Band Program is a wonderful program both for students and audiences. So be sure to come to the Sleigh Ride Concert for an awe-inspiring performance.