Saint’s Players brings to life the timeless words of Agatha Christie


William Qian

Members of the cast of And Then There Were None

On Wednesday, the 7th of November at 7:00pm, this year’s senior production, And Then There Were None, premiered. Agatha Christie’s ageless writings sprung to life before a nearly sold out auditorium. Progressions made in the visuals department are evident. Eerily, behind set, an ominous, turbulent scene of waves crashing upon a rocky shore is projected, enhancing enormously the viewing experience. As the doors to the set swing ajar, the sound of a vehement sea breeze floods through into the house, further deepening an anxious audience in the terrors of the script.

Dynamic performances from the likes of Tristan Taylor, Niko Virvillis, Amabel Stokes, Alistair Pitts, and others proficiently conveyed the fretfulness so essential to the success of this particular play. “They’ve all come a really long way, every time I watch the play I’m fully convinced,” noted Marc Levin, who has played three leading roles in Saint’s Players productions over the past few years.  He now provides feedback for the cast.

The plot unfolds fantastically. The audience plunges in unison with the actors into a pit of absolute helplessness and mystery; not a single audience member could declare omniscience. This production is a true gem.

I urge all to purchase tickets, and join in the horrors of this classic tale!